Philip van der Eijk


Philip van der Eijk is internationally recognised as an outstanding expert in the fields of Classical Philosophy and the History of Science as well as in the History of Ancient Medicine. He focuses on the dialogue between philosophy and medicine. His current research interests are concerned with the understanding of the interaction between body and soul from Antiquity to the Middle Ages. Highly decorated as a classicist, van der Eijk is not only respected as a brilliant researcher but also as an excellent science manager. He is expected to give significant impetus to and expedite the internationalisation of the History of Ancient Medicine and Classics in Germany. Berlin’s Humboldt University has established a Centre for the History of Science where van der Eijk will work together with other colleagues using an interdisciplinary approach. He is also expected to be involved in many projects, including the cluster of excellence, TOPOI, and to help HU Berlin achieve eminence in his discipline worldwide.

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Nominating University: Humboldt University Berlin

Prof. Dr. Philip van der Eijk

born in the Netherlands in 1962; currently Newcastle University, United Kingdom. 1987-1994: Leiden University, the Netherlands; since the end of 1994: Department of Classics, Newcastle University, initially as a Wellcome Trust University Award Holder, subsequently as a Personal Professor of Greek and since the end of 2005 as Research Professor of Greek; numerous awards and seats on academic committees.