Gerard J. van den Berg


Gerard van den Berg is a world leader in the field of Econometrics, an academic discipline which uses methods taken from statistics to analyse and explain economic relationships. He specialises in labour market and health economics. Van den Berg’s outstanding reputation is not only based on his innovative research; he is also considered to be one of the best exponents of his discipline with regard to combining scientific theory and economic practice. He is a member of various research institutes all over Europe and is one of the most productive econometricians worldwide. He will set up a new Centre of Economics and Empirical Economics at Mannheim University and help the university to progress from being a top German institution in this field to becoming one of the very best in the world.

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Nominating University: Mannheim University

Prof. Dr. Gerard J. van den Berg

born in the Netherlands in 1962. 1988: PhD in Tilburg, the Netherlands; 1989-1993: Assistant Professor in Groningen, to 1996: Associate Professor and subsequently Full Professor in Amsterdam until 2006; additional professorships in Uppsala and Stockholm, Sweden, and Visiting Professor in Princeton, USA, in 2006; since 2007, one of three decorated Top Professors in Amsterdam; numerous awards and seats on academic committees.