Stuart Parkin is awarded the Millennium Technology Prize

The Technology Academy Finland has honoured the physicist for his outstanding achievements in spintronics. The Millennium Technology Prize is considered to be the Nobel Prize of technological research.

Stuart Parkin has an international reputation as an outstanding, innovative solid state physicist ...  more


Emmanuelle Charpentier receives the Göran Gustafsson Prize

The molecular biologist has been granted Sweden’s most distinguished scientific award for her seminal research in molecular biology.

Emmanuelle Charpentier is considered one of the most innovative ...  more


New Alexander von Humboldt Professors selected

Six researchers from abroad – two women and four men – receive Germany’s most valuable international research award

An environmental economist from Switzerland, a quantum physicist from Austria as well as three physicists and a mathematician from the USA have been chosen as the next Alexander von Humboldt Professors. Worth up to five million EUR each, the awards are granted by the Alexander von Humboldt ...  more


“Hamburg and Bonn are more enticing than Harvard or Cambridge”

Research and Technology Minister Wanka and the President of the Humboldt Foundation, Helmut Schwarz, confer Humboldt Professorships in Berlin.

Seven leading scientists received Germany’s highest valued research award, the Alexander von Humboldt Professorship, on Wednesday evening in Berlin. Federal Research and Technology Minister Johanna Wanka and the President of the Humboldt Foundation, Helmut Schwarz, presented the award during a ...  more


New Alexander von Humboldt professors selected

Germany’s highest valued international research award goes to four researchers from abroad.

A communications engineer from the USA, a microbiologist from Sweden, a psychologist from the Netherlands and a solid-state physicist from Japan have been selected as new Alexander von Humboldt Professors. The research award, worth up to five million EUR, is granted by the Alexander von Humboldt ...  more